Super Bowl LII

By: Nabeela Damji

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Eagles Vs Patriots

Let’s face it, we all knew we would end up here.

Let me tell you.  This game did not disappoint.  Not for one minute.  In a game that saw missed field goals and QB’s scoring and not scoring TD’s this game was literally everything every football fan could ask for. 

Less than 10 years ago, Eagles coach Doug Pederson was coaching high school football.  In 2018, the team led by him brought home their first championship since 1960, in a thrilling 41-33 victory over the New England Patriots.  

In a record setting offensive output by both teams, Eagles backup QB Foles led a 75-yard drive to the winning touchdown, an 11-yard pass to TE Zach Ertz with over two minutes to go to seal the deal. 

The Patriots, eyeing their sixth championship Under coach Bill Belichick and QB Tome Brady almost made their comeback a reality, taking a 33-32 lead before losing it all.  Brady finished with a post-season record 505 yards and three TDs in the loss. 

MVP Foles finished 28 of 43 for 373 yards and three TDs. Brady finished 28 of 48 and three for a postseason record 505 yards. He is the first QB in NFL history to lose a game with at least 500 passing yards, 3 TD and 0 interceptions (regular season or playoffs).

The combined 1,151 yards were the most in any modern NFL game. Philadelphia joins New York, Boston, Chicago and Los Angeles as the only cities with a team to win the World Series, Stanley Cup, Super Bowl and NBA title.

Belichick is 5-3 in Super Bowls, most of them decided by less than a touchdown.   Pederson is the first person to beat Belichick as a starting QB and a head coach. Pederson beat Belichick as a starting QB in 2000 with the Browns.


"We’ve played this game since we were little kids, we dreamed about this moment. There’s plenty of kids watching this game right now dreaming about this moment and someday will be here." – Nick Foles 

"If there’s a word (it’s) called everything. That’s what it means to Eagles fans everywhere. And for Eagles fans everywhere, this is for them." – Eagles Owner Jeffrey Lurie