Toronto Raptors vs Charlotte Hornets

By: Veronica Harris

Monday, February 12, 2018

Sorry I’m late, everyone. I was slowly picking myself up off of the floor from watching the Celtics vs. Cavs game Sunday in Boston - Cavaliers winning 121-99 - keeping them on the top of the Atlantic Division. Guess who else is first in their Division?  The Toronto Raptors! The Raptors passed the Boston Celtics to become first this weekend, after being second to Boston all season.  With Toronto winning today against Charlotte, the Raptors are a on five-game win streak helping the Eastern Conference All-Star coach Dwane Casey get to his 300th win with the franchise - yet another milestone for the Toronto Raptors.

 (Jump Ball)

 First we have big man Dwight Howard with an alley-oop to start the game for Charlotte followed by Kemba Walker draining back-to-back threes all before 

The Raptors coaches call for a time out. Charlotte went on a 10-0 run in the first until 9:42 where Serge Ibaka ended it with a three. The Raptors take the lead at 3:22 left to play leading by 2pts after Kyle Lowry hits a three, making it 21-19. 

 To start the 2nd quarter, the bench walks on to the court - including C.J Miles who stepped up putting down 24pts in the game.  The 2nd was very productive for Toronto. Despite the slow start to the game, they hustled in the second frame to end the first half up by 7pts, 62-55.

As Matt Devlin would say, ”Death, taxes & JV’s threes” are the only the things certain in life.  Valanciunas hit two three-pointers, a career best for him.  You could see the connection between Demar DeRozan & Jonas Valanciunas as they were the power couple in this game combining for a total of 46pts. If they can keep this up, they have great potential to make it to the Eastern Conference finals, maybe even the finals. Against who though…..Boston or Cleveland?

 The Hornets looked like they were sneaking their way back into the game in the 3rd, but they were held to only 19pts. That’s when the Raptors, (led by C.J Miles) ran with it and kept scoring..and scoring....and scoring. 

 This was Toronto’s fifth game in a row where they have won by at least 15pts contributing to their longest streak in franchise history. It seems history is being made every game this season for Toronto. Congratulations to #34, Paul Pierce, on his jersey retirement Sunday in Boston. #TheTruth

 You can catch the Raps Tuesday night at 7:00pm vs Miami and their brand new shooting guard - are you new if you’re a returning player? It doesn’t matter! Dwayne Wade is back and you know he’s going to bring the HEAT!

 Raptors 123-103 Hornets