Toronto Raptors vs Miami Heat

By: Veronica Harris

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Ever since Dwayne Wade’s best friend Lebron traded him back to the Miami Heat last week, Wade has been putting up strong numbers - showing how happy he is to be back in Miami. Let’s not forget about the rest of the team though! They’ve been improving as the season moves on and I still don’t know whether those snazzy Miami Vice jerseys have something to do with it - but its working and I like it! The last meeting between the Heat and the Raptors was very heated resulting in a few ejections! The Raptors have the best record at home with 23 wins and 4 losses – one loss due to the Miami Heat. By winning tonight though, The Raptors' recored improved to 24-4.

 Fun Fact: The Miami Heat’s jersey sales went up 8,000% since Wade’s return. Crazy.


 (Jump Ball)


 I love starting off with rookie, OG Anunoby. Within the opening minutes of the 1st quarter, he drained back-to-back three pointers giving the Raps a 5pt lead. This is the kind of confidence Toronto needs to push through to the Playoffs. Miami took charge in the 1st quarter, but that didn’t last long. Once the Raps bench checked in during the 2nd, it was all Red for the rest of the first half. 


 Fred Van Vleet checked in alongside Siakam, Poeltl, Miles & Wright. After the Heat were forced to call a time out due to a Raptors hot streak, they themselves went on an 8-0 run taking the lead to 35-34 – and just as you thought Miami was going to keep the lead, C.J Miles hits an off balance three pointer to regain it. C.J finished with 11pts of which three of the shots were 3-pointers.


 57-55 Raptors at the half thanks to Kyle Lowry who just in the knick of time threw up the ball and then watched it go in with complete shock!


 Goran Dragic, another All-Star of Miami, started the 3rd quarter off with yet another three. Dragic finished with a game high of 28pts. Hassan Whiteside was a good matchup for Jonas Valanciunas who was making JV second guess himself all night - forcing him to miss open shots, travel the ball and not be as mentally prepared as he has been in past games this month…I mean he didn’t even attempt to shoot beyond the arc!


 The Raptors scored 41pts in the 3rd quarter alone. Fast-forward to the 4th - The Heat got hotter and it was looking like the starters may have to come off of the bench and take care of some business.  With the Heat cutting the lead to 12pts with 6:14 left to play in the game, in checks Lowry & JV to try and extend their lead. If the game were two minutes longer, I feel it may have been a problem for Casey & the boys. Dragic lead The Heat on a 13-0 run with 56.9 seconds left in the game. This is why he was named an All-Star. He’s se much fun to watch and is completely deserving of this opportunity. By the final buzzer, the Raptors managed to cool the Heat - improving their record to 40-16.


 The Raptors play the Chicago Bulls Wednesday night at 7:30pm. It’s the last game before the 2018 NBA All-Star weekend - be sure to check out Kyle Lowry and Demar DeRozan compete against the Raptors coaching staff to take home the title.


 Raptors 115-112 Heat