Toronto Raptors vs Motor City

By: Veronica Harris

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

As exciting as All-Star weekend was - it feels great to be back! Monday night, the Toronto Raptors took on the Motor City Pistons at the ACC. The Raptors had a tough loss against the Milwaukee Bucks Friday night - losing in overtime. With the Raptors still in first place, Boston is only half a game behind making tonight’s win a crucial one for the Raps.

(Jump Ball)

 After the night Jonas Valanciunas had against Milwaukee, tonight’s match up was against JV & Andre Drummond - the two bigs. Lots of turnovers in the beginning of the game for both teams - the Raptors managed to get 6 of them in the first. That was a little concerning especially for a team that is fighting to stay on top of the Eastern Conference.

 At the end of the first quarter the Raptors were up 33-26.

 To start the second quarter, you have the Raptors bench on the court. You can see that Coach Casey is really putting trust into these guys and giving them the opportunity to show Toronto what they have.

 This was Blake Griffin’s first game as a Detroit Piston vs the Raptors. The Raptors were able to get his numbers down to below his game average of 20.0 pts to 12pts, 1reb & 5ast. Blake got very aggressive throughout the game, receiving multiple fouls and even a technical.

 At 5:54 to play in the 2nd, some of the starters (Lowry, Valanciunas, Ibaka) check back into the game with DeRozan not far behind. This is the 5th game in a row that Lowry has made three or more 3-pointers. He’s leading the league in charges as well with 27 so far.

 With 3.6 seconds to play in the second quarter, Lowry inbounded the ball to DeRozan and DeRozan swiftly passed it to JV who tried to beat the buzzer for a 3-pointer. As unlucky as they were in sinking the basket, the Raptors remained ahead of the Pistons by 6pts. JV ended the game with 2pts, 5reb and 1ast.

 Raptors 59-53 at the half.

 Now, a Raptor who had a much more successful game was Serge Ibaka who had 17pts in the 3rd and 19pts, 9rebs, 2stl & 1blk by the end of the final buzzer.  Things got a little rough late in the 3rd - you could tell simply by the way Blake Griffin was literally just shoving players to get the rebound!

 As they head into the 4th quarter, the Raps were ahead by 18pts with a 50.8 FG%. From then on, the point differential kept getting bigger and bigger. You could tell by the energy and creativity that the Raptors were excited to win this one. Delon Wright made a beautiful pass over the heads of two Detroit defenders to Jakob Poeltl. If you didn’t watch this game - at least watch the highlights – it was a lot of fun to watch if you’re a Toronto Raptors fan.

 **Fun Fact: Jonas Valanciunas who wears number #17, scored 17pts on January 17th in their last meeting against Detroit. Another fun fact! The last time they met, the Toronto Raptors made 17 three-pointers & the Pistons made 7 three-pointers.. guess how many each team made tonight? …That’s right - 17 & 7!!

 This Wednesday night, The Raptors head down to the state where orange juice is more sought after than water. It’s also the state where you can have Alligators as a house pet. They take on the Orlando Magic at 7:00pm.

 Raptors 123-94 Pistons