Aint no rest for the wicked

Raps try to make franchise record with 60 wins against Miami

By: Veronica Harris

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

We had DJ Khaled and more importantly his son King Ashad & wife Nicole sitting courtside at the game tonight!  Oh how I wish I were in Miami. No Raptors took the night off tonight. All are healthy(for now) and are ready to play at any given moment- all looking to be a part of history.

 (Jump Ball)

 The starting lineup is as it were in the beginning of the season. Lowry, DeRozan, Anunoby, Ibaka & Valanciunas.  Lowry gets the game going with a contested three in front of the Raps bench and then again with his own rebound putting his team up 5-0. Miami takes the lead as Hassan Whiteside challenges JV in the paint.Fred Van Vleet had checked in and finished the 1st quarter strong with a deep three. The Toronto Raptors up by 2pts.

 Dwayne Wade checks into the 2nd quarter and immediately  blocks Jakob Poeltl to get an assist to Justice Winslow. This game helped the Raptors get ready for the playoffs, because this Miami team is a tough competitive team. Tie game at 41pts with 6:08 to play in the half. It was a very close game going and and forth.There were (again) too many turnovers in this game resulting in the Heat getting 11pts off Raps turnovers in the 2nd quarter alone.Thankfully Demar DeRozan showed his all star status and took a circus shot beating the buzzer extending the lead 6pts to make it 53-47, at the half.

 Toronto gets their biggest lead of the night to begin the 2nd half being 7pts ahead because of Lowry and his deep threes once again. Over 60% of Lowry’s shots are from beyond the arc. Lowry finished the last game of the regular season with a team high 28pts, 10reb & 9ast.The defense in this game was one of the best I’ve seen in a while. Former Raptors James Johnson had a beautiful block against Serge Ibaka late in the 3rd. Come to think of it- not only were there a lot of turnovers there were also a lot of blocks in this game.

 Toronto kept control of the game being up by more than 7pts throughout most of the 3rd quarter and finished up by 7pts but when that clock started to countdown in the 4th.  Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra lit some fire under their butts and got him team going! With 6:56 to play in the last game of the regular season, the Heat come within 2pts of the Raps after going on a 7-0 run. Part of that is the 21 second chance points they put up.  Wayne Ellington runs around the top of the arc sinking a deep shot putting the heat up by 1pt. You could se the sweat from everyone in the American Airlines Arena from your TV! Ellington finished with 32pts .

 Serge Ibaka received an elbow to the mouth forcing Coach Casey to take a timeout, as he were walking off the court, he was counting his pearly whites to make sure that they were all there. Less than a minute later, Fred Van Vleet fell to the ground due to an illegal screen from Bam Adebayo. Van Vleet took a moment to get up and when he did he almost fell back down from dizziness. Lowry and Valanciunas had to hold him up. Van Vleet is diagnosed with a right shoulder bruise. We knew that this was going to be a tough game, but didn’t know if would be this tough where players had to head to the locker room early.

 With 8.4 seconds to go, Delon Wright tries to get ahead with the three point shot but didn’t succeed-luckily Poeltl was there to tip in in tying the game at 105.


 In overtime , we restart the clock to 5:00. Right off the bat, Miami put up 5pts getting the crowd going and the Raps working overtime(no pun intended).  Poeltl sinks a put back and DeRozan heads to the line but that would only give the Raps a total of 109pts while the Heat continued to rack up points. Toronto was unfortunately held at 109 for the remaining 3:15 of the game.

 Raptors finish their regular season 59-23. Now on to the playoffs! Stay tuned to see who we play next and when!

 Heat 116-109 Raptors