Raptors Move On To The Next Round Of The Playoffs!

But Who Will They Play Next?

By: Veronica Harris

Saturday, April 28, 2018

I didn’t want there to be a game 7 for two reasons. One - because I believe Toronto deserves this series win especially against the Wizards who have swept the Raps in the past. Two - I really didn’t want to have to tell my boss that I couldn’t come into work on Sunday!

 Fred Van Vleet is back in the lineup and I don’t think Toronto could have asked for better timing.  “Lionel Richie Jr.” AKA Otto Porter will be out tonight as he had a procedure done on his lower left leg, giving Kelly Oubre Jr. his first start of the playoffs.

 (Jump Ball)

 Right off the jump, Markieff Morris hit the baseline fade away jumper plus the foul for a 3-0 start and continued to go on a 10-0 run. Washington was 3/3 from beyond the arc in the 1st quarter. With Washington’s 12pt lead, Toronto kept chasing, but lacked a little finesse in the 1st quarter.

 A certain energy that seemed to have been missing returned into the arena tonight with Fred Van Vleet back on the floor for Toronto. The moment he stepped on in the 2nd quarter, he set JV up for an alley-oop followed by Pascal Siakam with the reverse alley-oop to bring the Raps within 2pts with 8:01 to play in the 1st half. Markieff Morris fouled Siakam on the next play causing Morris to approach the Toronto bench in the hopes of stirring up some drama.

 Lowry hit 3 of his 24pts to end the 1st half for the Raps, cutting the lead to 53-50. Lowry is averaging over 17pts per game in the post season and was the leader for the Raps in tonight’s victory.

 The 3rd quarter was an exciting one! Kelly Oubre Jr. walked off the court after given his 4th foul and in his place came Tomas Satoransky.  Oubre Jr. finished with 3pts & 3reb during his 26 minutes of play. I wonder what Delon Wright would have to say about that…

 Bradley Beal makes a 3-point jump shot.  John Wall with the assist. These two power players played their hearts out for Washington but came up short. Wall finished with 23pts, 8ast & 5reb. While Beal finished with 32pts & 3ast. Beal and Wall were responsible for 55 of the 92 total points that Washington put up.

 Toronto cut the deficit four times but couldn’t manage to take the lead until 6:26 in the 3rd quarter when Lowry tossed the ball up from (almost) half court to DeRozan for the alley-oop, making it 65-64! It was an energetic quarter from that second on. It was a back and forth game for the remainder of the 3rd frame. DeRozan hit the 13’ jumper with 8.5 seconds to play followed by Satoransky replying with an offensive rebound put back.

 78-73 Wizards at the end of the 3rd.

 Guess who’s back? The BENCH MOB – and tonight, they came to play. No one really knew what happened to them during the last few games and why they weren’t playing like they normally do, but I guess they were just waiting for the “Don”, Fred Van Vleet to come back. His return sparked the inner fire inside the Mob once again.  They were energetic, strong and resilient and put up 24pts in the 4h quarter.

 There you have it folks! The Toronto Raptors took games 1 and 2 at home, lost games 3 and 4 in Washington and came back to win games 5 and 6 to make it in to the next round. The Indiana Pacers and Cleveland Cavaliers series continues into game 7 this Sunday so The Raptors have a little bit of a break before they find out who their next target will be!

 Toronto 102-92 Washington