Maybe 3rd Time Isn't A Charm

Raps Fall Short in OT Despite Best Efforts

By: Veronica Harris

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

This has to be the most fun I've had at a Raptors game..the crowd was having a blast, the staff were dancing on the jumbotron and the players were playing hard with both teams knowing what's at stake this game 1. This wasn't just any game 1 of any Eastern Conference Semi Final. This was the third time that Cleveland and Toronto have had a game 1 in the past 3 years and this time around felt different.

After game 7 on Sunday when the Cavs defeated the Pacers, LeBron said that he just wanted to go home and was tired. It seemed Toronto listened to what he had to say and used it to their advantage keeping 'King James' to 13ast and 11reb.

(Jump Ball)

The 1st quarter consisted of a lot of denials at the rim (by Toronto) and a lot of boos for Cleveland (mostly for Canadian Boy, Tristian Thompson)..I guess his fellow Canadians weren't too thrilled about his recent scandal.

It was interesting to me that rookie OG Anonoby was matched up against league veteran LeBron James. When OG was off, it was Jakob Poeltl who guarded James, but couldn't keep up with the King.

Raps up 33-19 after the 1st frame.

The Bench Mob starts the 2nd looking to extend the lead to give Toronto their first game 1 win against the Cavs. Let's jump right to 4:12 left to play in the first half. LeBron and Fred Van Fleet got tangled up under the net and LeBron pushed Van Vleet causing him to retaliate. Van Fleet picked up his 2nd personal foul. How? I would love to tell you, but I don't know why it was Van Fleet who picked it up. Welcome to playoff basketball! 

Towards the end of the quarter, the Cavaliers caught up and managed to be down by 1pt. CJ miles responded hitting the 3 over LeBron putting them back up before the buzzer.

Raps lead 60-57 at the half.

Fun Fact: I'd say it were all Toronto ball in the first half even with the refs making bogus calls.

First, Serge Ibaka with the put back and then with the deep three. The Cavs were getting scrappy and that included when Kevin Love pushed JV to the ground.

Cleveland did a good job staying with the Raptors throughout the game. 

LeBron picked up his first foul with 2:33 left to play in the game. LeBron was only 1/6 from the Line.

Raps keep the lead with 87-82. Toronto hasn't given up the lead in the first 3 quarters and the 4th wasn't any different. 

Pascal Siakam picked up his 4th foul for tapping LeBron in the back of the head just seconds into the 4th.

Love checks back in for Jordan Clarkson and does some damage. Love finished with 7pts. 

It was definitely a nail biter as the Cavs came within 1pt with 3:00 to play.

Tristian Thompson picked up his 4th foul with 1:49 to play. Immediately after, LeBron fouls Ibaka beyond the arc and sends him to the line to shoot 3 - Ibaka drains all 3.

Love picks up his 4th causing quite the controversy and what looked like the catalyst in LeBron and assistant coach Rex exchanging a few spicy words to one another. James ties the game at 105 and we're heading into OT!

An extra 5:00 were put on the clock, hoping that it's enough extra time for someone to come out on top.

Kyle Korver, the sharp three point shooter he is drains the first bucket of OT giving the Cavs their first lead of the game!

Lowry gets the harm and the bucket to get the Raps within 1pt, 113-112 with 16 seconds to play.

Fred Van Vleet gets the ball, throws up the three and misses!

That's a wrap! Cleveland wins another game 1 vs the Toronto Raptors and  it was a well fought game. Next game is Thursday at home, tip off is 6:00pm. Our very own Nabeela Damji will be covering game 2 and weather permitting - I'll be out in Jurassic Park hanging with the fans!!

Hope to see you there!