May the 4th be with who?

Warriors vs Cavs 4th year in a row..

By: Veronica Harris

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Alrighty..  so since the Raptors’ season..(w)rapped up,  there hasn’t been much Raptor news to be written about. I mean, other than the Cavaliers sweeping them in the second round, star players DeRozan & Lowry's trade rumors, coach Casey being (in my opinion, wrongfully) dismissed of his coaching duties and the fact that Serge Ibaka is learning three more languages! Okay.. that last comment about Serge isn’t 100% correct, but I wouldn’t put it past him!

The 2018 NBA Finals kick off tonight at 9:00pm at the Oracle with some familiar jersey colours on the court. From the West we have “The City” and from the East we have “The Land”. This has been the fourth year in a row that fans have seen this match up come June. Most didn’t see this coming as the Cleveland Cavaliers finished 4th in their conference with a record of 50-32 with a serious drought during Christmas time. Lots including myself didn’t think they would make it.  I’m not one to boast but… I had a strong feeling that Lebron James had something up his sleeve and was just toying with our emotions. The analogy I used was “we are his puppets and he is our puppeteer.” Lebron has absolutely dominated the Eastern Conference Playoffs and the world is realizing. There is lots of debate, especially now, who the “G.O.A.T” is and he is not making the argument easy. Lebron averaged 34.0pts, 9.2reb, 8.8ast in the 2018 playoffs thus far.


In a recent press conference, James had stated that he once wished Andre Iguodala would play by his side for the Cavaliers - I guess he will have to settle for playing against him. Iguodala will sit this one out, but for California’s sake, hopefully he will return soon. Kevin Love will return and will hopefully add a positive contribution to the team.


Fun Fact: Andre Igudola who was the NBA finals MVP in 2015 for Golden State, once  played with Allen Iverson on the Philidelhipa 76ers and when “The Answer” and Chris Webber left, Andre was the new leader of the 76ers. To say the least - he has come a long way as the 76ers were 9-32 once they left.


The Golden State Warriors have hall of famers lined up…starting with Steph Curry. I am truly convinced he has the ball on a string. (Almost) every single time he shoots whether it be beyond the arc, from 20ft or goes in.  Next is “KD” aka Kraft Dinner..I mean Kevin Durrant. After watching Game 7 vs the Warriors and the Rockets, Kevin Durant WILL be the MVP of the 2018 NBA finals. He also has the ball on a string. No matter where he is on the court, it goes in! A fade away jumper-IN, a contested three pointer-IN, a reverse lay up-IN. He is definently one of the most impressive players of our era, alongside King James. Then we have Klay Thompson who has a habit of going off (in a good way) in game 6’s and absolutely destroying his opponent and Andre Iguodala who is as consistent as the sun shining everyday.  This Golden State team is one to be wreckend with. 


With the series tied at 0-0, tonight is going to make a great statement. My prediction is the Warriors take it 101-89.  Everyone is expecting Golden State to win as their first two games are at home, but imagine the shock to the basketball world if the Cleveland Cavaliers were to take this one on the road putting them up 1-0. We can only wait and see!