MLB Quick Delivery, August 10th

By: Julien Quincou

Friday, August 10, 2018

MLB Quick delivery


The Players’ weekend is here!!

            It’s a new tradition in the MLB and looks to be a huge success for years to come the Players’ weekend. This year, teams will have alternate hats and jerseys and players will still be able to choose what goes on the back of their jersey.

It will be the first time in any sports that a player will only use emojis as his nameplate. Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher, Brad Boxberger will use two emojis, that you can easily guess.

Joey Votto, all-star 1st baseman for the Cincinnati Reds will pay tribute to his Canadian heritage with a nameplate sporting the title of the world known poem In Flanders Fields.

The MLB scores many points also with all the merchandise that this new event produces. The teams are promoting secondary logos and colors. It is sure to brighten your weekend baseball fans!!

Controversy in Atlanta!

            Joe Simpson, broadcaster for the Atlanta Braves started a controversy last Tuesday when he questioned Washington Nationals outstanding rookie, Juan Soto’s age. The veteran broadcaster implied that Soto might be older than 19 years old, prompting the Dominican Prospect League to issue a statement. The latter calls for Simpson’s apologies and that he would be suspended for at least a game. The DPL explains how this comment by Simpson impacts Soto’s claim for the Rookie of the Year title and how it believes that Simpson did so based only on Soto’s nationality.

Unfortunately, this matter is far from being settled and is not the only incident Simpson was involved in when he harshly criticked Chase Utley’s attire during batting practice. Utley did so to support a charity for cancer, Simpson was forced to apologize.

Bad blood!

            Former MLB all-star Jason Werth left pro Baseball in last June, after 15 years in the Show. Werth his being very vocal right now against analytics, calling persons working with them in front offices ‘’super-nerds’’ and claiming that they killed baseball. The former World Series champion with the Philadelphia Phillies even went as far as saying that MLB should just ‘’put laptops and what have you, just put them out there and let them play. We don't even need to go out there anymore. It's a joke’’

I guess that is why he is out of the majors. Compared to his old teammates, who embraced analytics, like Daniel Murphy and Ryan Zimmerman just to name these two, Werth seems just like a sour old man who can’t adapt to the evolution of his sport.