Marlies Game Report

By: Jennifer Chefero

Friday, October 26, 2018

Back to back games can be physically and mentally daunting. This proved to be the case for the Marlies this afternoon, but not the Comets. Whereas the Comets seemed well rested and full of energy, the Marlies were the opposite. This happens, like I said, back to back games are not easy.

Trevor Moore had caught my eye early in the first period. Something about how he moves around the ice. He has this grace, yet strong physical presence. And based on his current season stats, he can make points. He proved so today by sinking the Marlies opening goal assisted by Adam Cracknell. There is definitely something special in Moore and I would advise to keep an eye on him this season.

Speaking of Cracknell, he played a sensational game. Not only is he a very strong defensive forward, he also gets the job done. Receiving points on all 3 Toronto goals today, with 2 assists and 1 goal.  Earning himself the 3rd star of the game. Well deserved.

The other goal scorer was Pierre Engvall, with 1 goal and 1 assist on the night. It took him 8 shots on goal to sink one but that’s what I like to see, hunger for the net. As I have always said to players that I have worked with over the years, the more you shoot, the more you will score. Pretty basic, I know, but some players seem to forget that. Sam Gagner has not forgotten that basic fact, for he himself had 7 shots on goal today. No points. But if he keeps shooting like that, the goals will come. My only advise to him would be to take a bit more time with each shot and work on his release. But keep shooting my good man.


New pick up, Ryan Sproul had a decent afternoon himself with 5 shoots on goal. Also earning his first point with the Toronto Marlies, with an assist on Engvalls goal. I look forward to seeing what this man can do for us in the future.


Starting goaltender, Kasimir Kaskisuo, appeared to suffer an injury, favouring his left leg as he was helped off the ice, almost halfway into the second period. Jeff Glass came in playing 32:14 minutes and allowing in 3 goals. I blame nerves as he appeared a tad shaky.


One thing that stuck out to me the most was a lack of communication on the ice. These boys need to talk to one another out there. There should never be silence on the ice. Usually lack of communication would indicate a lack of chemistry and trust, but today I believe the problem was fatigue. Party too hard Saturday night boys? Either way, if you want to own the ice, you must communicate. Help each other out.


Now, if I were the Leafs and looking to strengthen my defence, I would be focusing on Andreas Borgman and Ryan Sproul. Taking full advantage of their time in the A and developing their skills. Both players have a strong on ice presence and can make points. So if I were Kyle Dubas, I would be taking a look at these two and calling them up to give them each a trial with the big boys. See how they fare. Could be a cheaper alternative than having to spend good money on one or two solid d-men. Also frees up any money to sign Nylander. Just a thought, but one I would strongly recommend.


This may not have been our best game, but it certainly was not our worst. And the season has only just begun. This is a very strong team and without a doubt, will live up to expectations based off last seasons success.


Next up – Friday October 19th at 7:05 pm in Rochester against the Americans.


Go Marlies Go!!