The Streak Ends

By: Jennifer Chefero

Friday, October 26, 2018

It was a one goal loss for Blue and White. Sure, the final score read 3-0 Pittsburgh, but we know better than to count empty netters. And the Penguins had two of those tonight. Despite the outcome, the Leafs played a good, strong game.

Sadly, Auston Matthews’ point streak came to end, but it had to eventually. He had a great run. When he was reminded in the locker room after the game about this, he so eloquently responded with,”I don’t really care, that doesn’t matter.” And he is right, team wins matter. Matthews is a true class act. With three shots on goal, he certainly was trying to make something happen. However tonight was not his night.

The Leafs had a slow start in the first period although got things rolling as the game progressed. They were fluid, in-sync and communicating well on the ice. They ended putting 38 shots on goal. Penguins Matt Murray was on top of his game not letting a single puck cross the line. Well….there was that one time the puck clearly crossed the line but after further review, it was called a “no goal.” Which was a bad call in my opinion. Had it been a good goal the whole game would have changed. Giving the Leafs the boost they needed to take the game to overtime and either win it, or take a point and a loss. Tough break for the Leafs on that call.

Frederik Andersen did not disappoint tonight. With 35 shots on goal and only letting one past him with a snipe by Evgeni Malkin on the Penguins powerplay.

Andersen is showcasing his confidence and abilities quite well so far this season. In fact, the Leafs goaltending pair of Andersen and Sparks is looking like the duo that will take us the distance.

We lost tonight, but do not fret Leaf fans because this team is hot, and will continue to be successful this season. You just can’t win em all. As they say.

Next up we host the St Louis Blues, Saturday October 20th at 7pm.