Thursday Night Football Preview - Thanksgiving Turkey Special Nov 22 2018

By: Nabeela Damji

Thursday, November 22, 2018

It’s Thanksgiving and you know what that means?!?! My Instant Pot is on sale at Canadian Tire for this Black Friday garbage and I’m soooo there.

Also, there is lots of Football. 

We have been blessed with three games of dudes in tights and balls and if that doesn’t bring family together I really don’t know what will.


Who woulda thought the Bears would be here?

I don’t mean here on Thanksgiving.  I mean here as in good. 

You know who won’t be there? Mitchell Trubisky.

Trubisky suffered a shoulder injury in their win on Sunday, which means good ol’ Chase Daniel will get the start for the NFC North leaders. Daniel hasn’t had more than two throws in a season since 2014.

The Lions are also without rookie running back Kerryon Johnson, who has a team high 641 rushing yards.  He sprained his left knee in practice and is listed week to week. Detroit will try to up their running game, even though LeGarrett Blount is averaging a career low 2.3 yards per carry and is on pace for his worst rushing season since 2012. That leaves Theo Riddick and Zach Zenner as the other two options.  Their defense, which during the first half of the season, was dead last, how allowed 142.5 yards.  In games against the Bears and Panthers they’ve given up a total of 110 yards on the ground.

The last time the two met on Nov 11th, the Bears had a 26-0 lead and eventually won, sacking Matthew Stafford six times in the process. The only advantage the Lions could have would be the fact that the Bears played a late game Sunday and are playing an early game today. 



Nothing like spending Thanksgiving watching “America’s team” try and sctrach their way out of the grave they may or may not have dug for themselves somewhere in between dinner time.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

The Cowboys are looking to save their season and have a chance to catch up to the Redskins for the NFC East lead with a win today.

In nine meetings between the two on Thanksgiving, the Cowboys have won seven times.

As Paul Blart used to say: FUN FACT

The last time the Redskins defeated the Cowboys on Thanksgiving in 2012, their QB was Texan Robert Griffin III (where is he btw is he good? Anyone check on him lately?) This years, with Alex Smith out, Colt McCoy, also a Texan, will start for Washington.


McCoy took over for Smith in Sunday’s game and passed for 54 yards and a TD. He has played in nine games over four seasons with the Skins, but hasn’t started since 2014.

Dallas, has a 30-19-1 record all time on Thanksgiving.



In game 100 between the Saints and the Falcons more people might be listening through their turkey coma/Thanksgiving nap than actually watching.  Sorry guys, that’s what happens when you play a late game, and literally thousands of pounds of food are involved.   

New Orleans have won nine straight, and it seems almost impossible to win in their house, so the Falcons, who are 4-6, need to kick this dead horse into high gear.

Still, the Saints have some work to do, as they are 1-1 in divisional games this season and have four games left against division rivals this year. The falcons also have their hands full, as the Saints league-best offense is 12.5 points above average, and a full field goal per game better than the next best offense. Also, the Falcons will have to look out for anyone named Thomas, Ingram, Kamara, and basically anyone Drew Brees looks at or breathes near on the Saints offense.