It’s Gettin’ Hot In Here, So Hot, So Cheer Your Raptors On!

Raptors Are Now 17-4, Standing Tall & Alone At The Top

By: Veronica Harris

Sunday, November 25, 2018

I hope you felt a little heat  and energy from that title there. The Miami Heat were in Toronto Sunday evening wanting to take down the top team in the East. You have Canadian Kelly Olynyk and ex Raptor ( and black belt) James Johnson on the court for Miami. It’s too bad they didn’t wear their city jerseys because those are absolutely beautiful and I think they may have given them a little bit more power! Kawhi Leonard is back in the lineup and ready to rock and roll.


James Johnson pulls up and shoots from the elbow of the key to give the first points of the game. He was in familiar territory and knows that court pretty well. Johnson was quiet and only finished with 6pts.

Dwayne Wade on the other hand! Oh his newborn must be making him the happiest man in the world because he went to work! Putting up a game high 35pts in 34 minutes. This may be Wade’s last(16th) season but you can bet he will be going out with a bang. Wade entered the NBA back in 2003 with might be the most memorable and talented draft class with draft picks like; Chris Bosh, King James and dare I even say Carmelo Anthony. I promise, he was a fantastic pick coming out out Syracuse! I can tell you one thing from the game and that is that Dwayne Wade hasn’t lost his finesse.

Fun Fact: Wade is currently the 10th highest scoring NBA player by total career playoff points scored with 3,954.

The two power houses for Toronto continued to dominate the floor. Lowry with his quick agility and smart thinking contributed 12pts and 10ast to the home teams win. Lowry is leading the NBA in assists with 10.5 apg. Keep those records coming Kyle, you still have a long season to go before Toronto heads to Golden State to play in a best of 7 series!

Kawhi “The Klaw” Leonard is absolutely beautiful. His ex coach in San Antonio, Gregg Popovich was quoted saying “ he is a great player but wasn’t a leader for us”. That may have been true back in Texas but not in Canada because he may not be as vocal as Kyle but by averaging 24.7 pts per game on a new team in under 20 games- that’s pretty impressive. I dont think his leadership style is the vocal kind but the “do as i do” type and I am all for that. Leonard put up 29 pts and 10 reb including a handful of driving dunks in the second half. Not to mention he pulled up from any where and every where in order to lead the Raps to their historic 17th win.

Toronto heads to the hot and hungry Memphis Grizzlies with jump ball at 8:00 pm Tuesday.  Memphis is 4th in the Western Conference, standing at a 12-7 after losing to the Knicks Sunday night. Watch out for Canadian Dillon Brooks on the court Tuesday.

Fun Fact: Kyle Lowry actually got drafted 24th by the Memphis Grizzlies back in 2006 and played their untill th 2008 season.

Raptors 125-115 Heat