Rod If You're Reading This..

Toronto Have Now Won 8 In A Row!

By: Veronica Harris

Saturday, December 1, 2018

It’s raining its pouring the Cavs are (still) losing. I’m not sure of the weather in Cleveland but I know it’s coming down hard here in Toronto. The Dinosaurs travelled down to face the team with the worst record in the Eastern Conference, the Cleveland Cavaliers. I mean I knew Lebron was good but didn’t realize not having him was detrimental to an organization! Cleveland is now 4-18 while Toronto is 4 games ahead of second place team Milwaukee and has a record of 20-4. The best start to a season they have ever had. With Kyle Lowry out tonight with a tender back it’s up to Leonard to carry the Tune Squad to a win. The Cavs leader in points and rebounds also wasn’t in the lineup Saturday night.

Fun Fact: As written in article about Raps win vs Golden State on Thursday, I dubbed the night “Basketball Night In Canada” and while watching the game I heard Rod Black say”Basketball Night In Canada”  but didn’t quote me.. share the love Rod!


Pascal was in the starting line up which is starting to look like a permanent position for him. Siakam is looking like he could be the (new) sixth man of the year and I say “new” because Lou Williams is the official six man and to take this away from Lou would be amazing. Sikam is averaging 15.8 ppg, 6.4rpg and finished tonight with 15 pts, 5 reb and 5 ast.

After missing six shots in a row, it was the big fella Jonas Valanciunas who tied it up for Toronto at the end of the first. I won’t lie I had high hopes at the beginning of the game, maybe a little too high because they were slowly minimizing as the quarter went on.

As predicted, Kawhi went off tonight and needed to go off in order for Toronto to leave Ohio with a win. I’ve said this before and i’ll say it again, with or without Lebron, Cleveland has some sort of mental hold over Toronto and for the worst team in the East to stay in the game as well as Cleveland did-that’s more than just physical. I don’t know maybe the Raptors don’t like the color burgundy ? What I do know is Leonard put up a game high 34 pts and 9 reb for Toronto.

Fun Fact: November was Toronto’s second “best month” in team history standing at 12-3.  Their best- January 2016 with a 12-2 record.

It wasn’t a solo effort from Cleveland. As much as I am not a fan of him off the court, Tristan Thompson sure has stepped up this year. He was on only player on the court who achieved a double double with 18 pts and 19 reb. And, I have to give it to them they held in there. Jordan Clarkson also put up 18 pts.

This was a close call for Toronto as the Cavs were too close for comfort for them. Lowry was missed and we will see if he makes a comeback Monday when the Denver Nuggets hope to dig up some gold in Toronto as they play each other for the first time this season. This is where the road gets tough and the Raptors really need to show their strength because the Nuggets are second in the Western conference and are showing they could be playoff contenders if they keep it up. Nuggets are 0.5 games behind the oh so impressive L.A Clippers. (Shoutout goes to Rex Kalamian and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander). Tip off is at 7:30pm. Don’t miss it.

Raptors 106-95 Cavaliers