Toronto Raptors Game Report (Rap Up)

Denver 106 Raptors 103 Monday,December 3

By: Veronica Harris

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Toronto Now 20-5 But Still On A Good Track
And now introducing...the player with the highest winning percentage surpassing the whimsical Magic Johnson, Kawhi Leonard! Leonard has the highest winning percentage of all time at 76.7%. I mean it’s either he is just  that good or he has a crystal ball that tells him what games he will win and should play in and what games he shouldn’t.  Kyle Lowry was able to sooth his tender back and jump right back in the lineup!
(Jump Ball)It was Canadian guard Jamal Murray who stole the show last night with 21 pts,  8 ast, 7 reb. He was  aggressive and driven. I guess you can say he was putting on a show for his hometown and I’m not even mad! Another Nugget who had a hot hand was Nikola Jokic with a team high 23 pts, 15 ast and 11 reb. Yes, ladies and gentlemen that is a triple double. He started the night off with a strong arm side pass to Jamal Murray for a corner three ball. He was doing it all, covering every inch of the court.Fun Fact: Denver is Nicknamed “The Mile High City” not because they like to be riskay up in the sky but because they have the highest altitude in all of the United States. Its highest point is exactly one mile above sea level..which means there probably won’t be a tsunami hitting there any time soon!Time for Toronto to get back into the game! Although it was close throughout the whole game, Denver kept the lead. Kawhi Leonard had a game high 27 pts and the Raps bench played very well and if it were another team I think Toronto would have continued their win streak but Denver was just too hot for them.
Fun Fact:I met referee Karl Lane Sunday while at I was at work as he was picking up a suit (from Suit Supply). Karl has been a referee for 8 years now. Although he has also referred in the NCAA, he said the NBA is where it’s at. If you see Karl make sure you comment on his blue or red suit! Depends which one is he wearing.
Toronto remains cozy at home and welcomes the new and improved Philidelphia 76ers Wednesday at 8:00pm. You can catch Barn Burner’s very own Tianna Rose at the game so make sure if you see her, to give her a shout! Hopefully Tianna brings good luck and helps Toronto start their win streak again. Toronto is still first in the East but need to be careful and not let this get to their head.Nuggets 106- 103 Raptors