Aron Stevens Answers Fan Questions in Ep.2 of Ask Me Anything

By: Giancarlo Aulino

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Aron Stevens was back on Fired Up Tuesday night with the second episode of his newest show Ask Me Anything, which is now available on 85 platforms including: iHeartRadio, iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, SoundCloud, and of course

BarnBurner founder Joseph Peisich, Steve Carney of WDAE radio in Tampa, and myself joined Aron once again and read some fans questions. Aron mentioned that he had a blast in the first episode and the feedback he's recieved so far has been great. 

What makes this show so great is that no topic is really off limits: current events, sports, wrestling, acting, Aron is willing to answer them.

Here are a few questions that were asked by fans:

What was your favourite feud while in WWE?

My favorite feud, I’m going to say with Brodus Clay. It was the first real feud I had. It never...I thought got the attention that would have maximized the contrast of the two characters and you know based upon a lot of live event reactions, all the stuff we did was good. In fact, there was one thing when I actually attacked him from behind and I broke his leg, he was selling up the ramp and because he was selling his leg like it got broken, they thought he was taking his time as opposed to actually putting something over. That was one of the most ridiculous things either one of us had ever heard but you know we just kept our mouth shut, we kept going, and never really kind of had the big payoff it should’ve. But man I’m going to tell you on live events we had some awesome ones and I think I talked about it last week and I promise I wrestled other people than that man but that never really got the attention it deserved.

Who were the guys that you travelled with the most?

So okay, the absolute most and I’m talking we would leave our house on a Friday morning and get home on Wednesday morning right, so you get half a Wednesday, Thursday, and you’re right back out on Friday, so picture that schedule ladies and gentlemen, there’s one day a week that you have completely to yourself. Santino Marella, Brodus Clay, and myself. And I’m not going to get into road stories because I am very old school, I say ask me anything but that’s regarding to me. There was never anything like reprehensibly wrong that went on  but just to protect that sanctity of the inhabitance of the car, I will not get into any story or anything like that but I will just say this, when you spend that much time with people you really do get to know them and it is like family and you know to this day, they’re two of my closest friends in or outside. And I also spent a lot of time in a car with Erik Rowan, who I also have nothing but excellent things to say about. A Wyatt family member, really really good man. I wish him all the best and as a human being, I really do think the world of him.


If you’d like to have your question answered by Aron, follow his Instagram account @thearonfiles and comment on his post for next week’s episode. Also, don’t forget to catch NBC’s Midnight, Texas on Friday nights, where Aron Stevens has a recurring role this season.






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