Toronto Raptors vs Washington Wizards

Feb 2nd 2018

By: Veronica Harris

Friday, February 2, 2018

“Salagadoola mechicka boola, 


Put them together and what have you got,


Who remembers that? (Cinderella, circa 1950). I heard the Wizards’ were chanting this pre-game in their locker room hoping to turn the Raptors into pumpkins. This is a key game for the Wizards as they try to climb up the Eastern Conference ranks. No John Wall as he’s out due to knee surgery, but they have beat the Raptors without Wall before.

Before we talk ball, I want to mention a couple topics as there is a lot going on. First off, my condolences go out to Rasual Butler,39, & his wife Leah’s family &loved ones. Rasual and Leah had been in a single car accident Wednesday night and passed away from injuries. Rasual played in the NBA for 14 years, playing on eight different teams, including the Raptors and Wizards. His wife Leah, was a top contestant on American Idol and an R&B singer.

February 1st marks the first day of Black History month, we recognize and honor our black ancestors and their trailblazing accomplishments. We use the month to remember the important contributions and achievements of African Americans throughout our nation’s history. To that- I say thank you. NBA is celebrating Black history month by honoring those who have paved the way for future generations. They ask you to share how you are improving your communities by using the hashtag #NBAVOICES.

(Jump Ball)

Thank you O-G A-nu-no-by. Finally finding his groove. He had an amazing 1st quarter hitting multiple threes, finishing the game with 11pts. I will keep repeating this. This man should be in the rising stars game! Another 1st quarter star was Serge Ibaka who hasn’t missed from beyond the arch, or anywhere on the court for that matter. Lorenzo Brown checked in for Fred VanVleet getting some minutes as Fred wasn’t playing in tonight’s game. Fred has averaged 13pts, 18minutes, 10/17 from three in the last five games. He may play tomorrow, he may not. Fred likes to keep us guessing. The Raptors kept the first time All-Star, Bradley Beal to 2pts & 0/6 FG in the first 2 quarters. Once Beal took a drink of that “secret stuff” at the half he put down 19pts in the 3rd alone.

Raps up 62-55 at the half.

The boys of the North were getting very frustrated with a lot of the calls as they believed the refs were overlooking some. What’s amazing to me is the Wizards started the 3rd, sinking 8/9 shots. The Raptors couldn’t catch a break as Washington then gets their first lead of the game with 8:52 left to play in the 3rd, 70-68 Wizards. It’s not like the Raptors weren’t trying- Ibaka continued to hustle as he had an impressive block on Markeiff Morris but (once again) the referees felt the need to call the foul because of the body contact.

Delon Wright of Toronto, started the 4th with a turnover and I’d say that’s where it started to go downhill and where they lost their composure. Only a few moments later, to pick it back up, going on a 14-4 run with 5:00 left to play!.The Wizards then went on a 9-0 run in the last two minutes of play. DeRozan & Lowry stepped up and both take lead trying to keep the Raptors in this game. They really showed us they deserve to go to LA. This was a tight game, reminding us of when Mo Pete threw up that buzzer beater to win the game vs the Wizards back in March of 2007.  Beal secures the win hitting both free throws in the dying seconds of the game.

Despite Lowry’s heroic efforts in the 4th, the Raptors took the loss, ending their two game win streak. They head back to Toronto for the second night of a back-to-back where they will face the best rapper in the NBA. Dame Dolla & the Trailblazers @ 7:00pm.  Wizards 122-119 Raptors