Brady vs. Rodgers, Let's talk about "Talent"

August 15, 2017

By: JC

Brady match-up against Rodgers a no-brainer

Let's face it. Tom Brady is basically superhuman. He's got the handsome good looks, appears to have stopped the aging process, has a supermodel wife who is cool 'AF' and he usually comes out on top (see handful of Superbowl rings). On top of being the most accomplished winner in the history of the game, the guy is a model citizen with strong family values who is beloved by his team mates. Crazy right?

Unfortunately, envy plays a large role in life as does in sports. So instead of being celebrated and respected for his accomplishments by all, there are many who try to tear him down.

Their argument which has quickly spread to all the haters alike is that Aaron Rodgers is the most talented quarterback ever. They believe that if you took Brady and replaced him with Rodgers that the Patriots would have won more rings.

Skill and talent are more than physical ability. Brady plays chess while Rodgers relies on a more erratic style of play.

Controlling the game with his play

Tom Brady is the master of the short pass game. This allows him to stay on the field longer, wear down defenses and keep the other teams offenses on the bench and out of rhythm. There is no better short passer in the history of the game. It's like having two sets of running games and truly a thing of beauty.

Brady doesn't need to scramble around hoping for someone to get open. He is a surgeon; strategic in his approach and is able to get rid of the ball out of his hand faster than any quarterback in the league. As Tommy Boy puts it "nothing good usually happens when a quarterback has the ball in his hands." This is a major SKILLSET that allows him to control the game and WIN GAMES.

Reading Defenses via Photographic Memory

Why can Tom get rid of the balls so fast? Why is he so effective year in and year out especially when it matters most? Consider the fact that Brady would welcomes arriving players for workouts in the practice facility at 5:30 with a "good afternoon." It's well documented and evident that nobody works harder and spends more time watching video. Now combine that with his ability to remember pretty much every play from every game that he has ever played and you get the greatest player of all time.

Leadership SKILLS

Many say that Tom Brady is the kind of quarterback that will go to the park and say "give me anyone." He works with what he has, never complains and finds a way to get the most of what he is given.

Performance under pressure

Has anybody taken a look at Arod's record when being down against a winning team on the road? It's absolutely atrocious. What about his playoff record? Not so good either.

The reason that Peyton Manning is not the greatest of all time does not only apply to Peyton Manning. The fact is that Aaron Rodgers is not the guy you want when the chips are down and things matter the most.

Being able to elevate your game and deliver at the most crucial times is perhaps the greatest skill an athlete can have. It's what makes Michael Jordan and Tom Brady the greatest in their respective sports.

Even in the two Super Bowls Brady lost, he led his team down the field with what would have been the game winning drive, leaving his team up with just minutes to play. When it counts, Tommy Boy delivers and there is no one you would rather have when the game is on the line.


Sure Rodgers is faster and has a great arm but when it comes to all the elements of what makes up football talent and skill, Tom Brady is on another level. Tom is the definition of a winner and the more skilled and talented QB, not to mention theĀ GOAT.