Why Conor McGregor may shock the world

August 28, 2017

By: Rory Mitchell

Why Conor McGregor has more than a window of opportunity to beat Floyd Mayweather on the 26th of August.

A young man standing 29 years of age from Dublin, Ireland has a once in a lifetime opportunity to not only shock the world but to use the laws of attraction in-confidence, credence & cadence to win his upcoming fight. I know many will read this article and will jump to conclusions, they see a historic fighter in Floyd at the age of 40 years old with a well built resume, in addition to historic names attached to his 49 total win record, but he has not been active in boxing in 2 years.

The term "style makes fights" is true indeed but one particular reason why the majority is already picking Floyd to clean sweep and abolish McGregor's name and put a hiccup/blemish on his boxing record. Boxing analysts just don't get it, MMA fighters are used to being kneed in the face, kicked in the head. MMA training makes you superior, tougher than a human boxer does. Floyd is used to fighting boxers, while McGregor comes from an orthodox world of mixed-martial arts where movement & brutality has a lot more physical strain than you see in boxing.

McGregor in his past life was collecting welfare cheques, but has now transitioned into making multi million dollar pay days by using his skill set and confidence to get him in the position where he is at. This still may be boxing, but his skills show you MMA background.One thing many are forgetting is mixed-martial arts footwork is very different than boxing. The movement is more fluid than your traditional movement of a world class boxer. We see series of training pictures and videos on the outside look at McGregor, him taking his training to the extreme, biking in the desert, underwater treadmill running and heavy extensive padwork that shows he's taking the fight more seriously because he has everything to gain here.When you take your training to the next level, stay cautious in your regime and never settle for mediocrity, you've calculated time and precious measures surrounding yourself and your team.

A mixed-martial artist can throw many different versatile punches from different angles, while a boxer will stay stationary and telegraph his punches. A video clip went viral online where McGregor's ex-training partner, world class boxer Paulie Malignaggi was knocked down incamp. One would make the claim that this is altered footage, but what the public fail to realizeis that Conor in this clip stays true to his name; that he is the bigger fighter with the distinct advantage. His left hand was an explosive cannon, hitting Malignaggi with such unrelenting force that you couldn't imagine if this was done with 8oz gloves he would have went nighty night. With pin point precision and accuracy that once landed on Floyd's chin, we will all witness a devastating knockout. Boxing experts are hanging their hat on the possibility that Conor's going to give him some problems. His punches will throw Floyd off his game, this is because of him throwing similar to almost the same combinations as boxers do, followed by more punches, then he has the choice of whether he will repeat the same pattern or come from different angles. The Nevada commission typically mandates 10-ounce gloves be worn in boxing bouts at 147 pounds or heavier. Mayweather and McGregor are taking place at 154 pounds.

The majority will read this and assume I am picking McGregor to win but that's not the case. This fight hands down will be full of surprises and come Monday morning, when it's all said and done on August 26th, we will all be in shock and awe, while the masses cling to the notion that the bigger the payday, the larger the the bank account. What Trump did to politics is what Conor may do to boxing - "turn it on its head".